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Weekends = good food + creativity.

Weekends are a time for rest.  And crazy, messy creativity.  And delicious, thick, rich, buttery, sugary home-baked goods.  And endless cups of coffee and tea.  And hot fudge sauce.

(And eating hot fudge sauce while you write, while your children are in the very next room cutting out magazine photos and making books.)

I love Saturday afternoons.

Weekends are also a time to read things you're in love with:  cooking magazines, novels, blogs that you just can't get to during the week.  And learning about ideas, projects and recipes that inspire you so much that they leave you silently wondering:  when I can I make that?

Enter my favorite cooking blog, Joy the Baker.

Joy is lovely, talented, has a sharp sense of humor, and the girl can BAKE.  She packages everything so well on her blog that each of her carefully crafted blog posts read like a cozy, colorful cookbook.  The photography that accompanies her recipes is artistic and inspiring. It has its own language.

Joy's Friday recipe for Weekend Casual Cinnamon Sugar Popovers posted yesterday made it to our breakfast bar this morning, I'm pleased to announce.  And they were worth every bit of work - but they were really quite simple to make. 

After lunch, when my chocolate cravings began to come a-knockin', I remembered Joy's Mocha Hot Fudge Sauce recipe I made a few weeks ago for a hot fudge sundae birthday celebration.  And it hit me that leftover Weekend Casual Cinnamon Sugar Popovers would go perfectly with her Mocha Hot Fudge Sauce.  So I took a few minutes to make some hot fudge sauce...and tt was the perfect weekend dessert.

You are welcome.

One thing today:  Please, please visit Joy's blog for all of her recipes and photos.  Then revisit her blog over and over.  Then, carve out some time on a weekend and create her creations!  You'll be in love.

Good stuff:

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On Instagram = @joythebaker

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