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Low and Slow

“Trees that are slow to grow bear the best fruit.” ~Molière

Today is Friday.  And if you’re thinking you have to get everything from your list wrapped up today before the weekend, and you’re rushing:

Try to slow it down.  And if you can’t slow down this morning, try slowing down this afternoon or this evening with your family.

One of the best books I have discovered and read over and over is Slow Family Living:  75 Simple Ways to Slow Down, Connect and Create More Joy.  I came across this book one day at Blue Willow Bookshop, a lovely independent bookshop here in Houston.  Bernadette Noll was speaking at a book signing, which I couldn’t make – but I had to buy the book.  Then, I learned about their online community – which is so rich in helpful information and nudging thoughts to jar us out of the constant hurried pace in which our world operates.

I felt comforted knowing there were others who believe we can go slow.  This world moves way too quickly for me most days, and this book is an excellent toolbox of 75 ways to unplug and relax as a family.  (And, since we've been talking about writing, one of the 75 tools includes an excellent journaling prompt, which you’ll find when you buy the book.)

Slowing down as a mama and a family can really help us see our world, listen to our breathing, and think for ourselves.  We don’t need the world to do these things for us.  When we slow down, we can put ourselves back in touch with our priorities and emotions that fuel us to create better or worse.

And with slowing down comes writing. Since writing has been a focus over the last couple of days, take a few minutes today to be intentional with your family’s time and write about your plans this weekend:

-What events are on your calendar?
-What events/commitments are non-negotiable?
-What events can you say no to?
-When can you get outside and play?
-Or, when can you have creative time?
-Will you have screen time?  And if so, how much?

I wish you a slower weekend, even if it’s not super quiet!  It feels a bit more fall-like here in Houston.  Today we’ll only have highs in the 80’s instead of in the 90’s.  We’ll take it!

One thing today:  Journal a very loose plan for the weekend.  Be intentional.
Slow Family Living (the book)
Slow Family Living (the online community)

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