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On order and passion, part 2.

Yesterday I touched on the importance of order in our environments, and it went something like this:

Order = harmony. 



Ain't nobody got time for that.

Today, the order-ing in our home continued.  Today I put up several large loads of laundry, cleaned out and ordered our master closet (which is awkwardly large and more like a storage room than a lovely dressing place), and set aside piles of clothes our children have outgrown to go through tomorrow.  And, I have three more loads of laundry to fold tonight, which I will do while watching...Friday Night Lights (Season 4!).

The point of sharing all of this housework with you is not to give myself gold stars.  It's to let you know that although housework isn't my favorite thing, it's absolutely necessary to stay on top of - or it will snowball - and you'll be spending hours putting pieces back together like I have the last couple of days (and, more to come tomorrow).   Going through extreme nesting like this is my brain's way of saying, "I can't think clearly about anything else until all of this chaos goes away."  I love it when my brain functions this way because it gives the housework-procrastinator in me a swift kick in the pants and helps me get our house back in order. 

Hopefully things in your home aren't too out of order.  But if you live in some type of space with a few belongings, be it a house, apartment, a spare bedroom...keeping it orderly will keep your mind sharp.

My husband, who is slightly obsessive when it comes to cleaning, grew up with a father who constantly repeated the mantra, "a clean house is a clean mind."  I like that very much - and it's so true.  Sweet Boy and Sweet Girl mentioned yesterday when they got home that it seemed like I was "turning into Daddy."  (I took that as a compliment!)

If you keep things in order here and there, and clean as you go (another mantra my husband loves, which is nice, except for when I'm creating something in the kitchen), you'll save yourself some time.  Taking multiple days out of your week to re-order your home is alright every now and then, but in reality:

Ain't nobody got time for that.

So, cherish your space.  Have respect for yourself and your environment.  Keep things in order.   Have your children help you tidy up at the end of the day.  Don't do it all yourself.  Give yourself grace when things do get out of order, and just move forward and do the next thing - and take charge to let order prevail again.

Protect your time - it's important.  We have been given time as a precious gift by our Creator to use carefully.  He has trusted us with it, so use it well.  Create art.  Love your family.  Help others.  Pursue a dream.  Love yourself.

You are a lovely and beautiful being.  Don't let anything distract you from putting your heart where it's supposed to be.

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