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Creative Day Off: Home Comforts

After a full weekend, we've had a quiet day at home.  It was our decision:  we could run errands today, or we could stay home to enjoy cozy, quiet, resting, playing, baking, listening to the dark, rainy, cold thunderstorms that brought in our first taste of fall in Texas. Viva la autumn!  

I usually leave school holidays wide open.  We often need rest more than we need to be anywhere else.  This is one of those days when my body says: I can't go any faster.

So, today, our math is as follows: holiday = home = rest = playing camping outside = comforts = comfort food.

After tidying up the kitchen this morning, I lit a candle, brewed some Pumpkin Spice Oolong tea (my new favorite tea!), turned on some nice music.  The kids played while I baked our favorite amazing pumpkin cupcakes, then some rice and beans for lunch.  This is our second time this fall to bake pumpkin cupcakes!  I make these every year for Sweet Boy's birthday celebration at school.  And he likes them only one way:  without icing.  They're a bit more like muffins, with a little more sweet.  I could easily eat 10 of them in one sitting!


One thing today:  One day this week, resist the urge to run a ton of errands when you really need some rest.  Stay home, make a comfort drink, move slowly, and bake something simple.  Take time for quiet...and for listening.  An extra day off screams for this!

Cozy things:
By Sun and Candlelight:  A lovely online space that is the most comforting I've seen.  You'll understand more when you visit her blog! Dawn is an inspiration.
Meal Makeover Moms:  These ladies have great recipes, and they often remake classic recipes (like today's cupcakes) to make them healthier.  I've been a fan of theirs for years.

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