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How do you spend your time?

Ugh - sometimes that's a pretty tough, general question to answer.  But if you take some time to really think about your answer, you should be able to break things down pretty clearly.  How we spend our time directly reflects our priorities. 

If we think of our time in terms of getting closer to pursuing the work we're passionate about, how would you spend your time differently?  What tasks, responsibilities or commitments can you lay down in order to free up some resources?

The biggest gift we have been given is time.  And once the day is over, we can't get that time back, people!  But, we can make sure that we choose the right, appropriate priorities, and at the same time, we can choose not to waste time on things that may not be pushing us toward our goals.  Time is a precious resource for everyone these days - and especially for those of us with school-aged children, when our time may not always be our own.

Writing is a priority for me, which means I may not always be available for getting together with friends, or taking regular creative excursions.  In addition to writing, I have several other responsibilities that also must be met.  In order to take care of business...I have to eliminate time wasters, which is not always fun - but necessary.  

These days, I keep putting off errands I need to run for our house - they'll have to wait.  I don't lounge on Facebook much (which is another topic altogether), which may cause me to miss some things. I don't watch much television (but I do love some Friday Night Lights on Netflix), and I'm not a phone talker, though I probably should be more.  These three things will use up my time before I can even blink.  So, on busy days, they're simply not an option.

As The Fray says in their song "All at Once": Sometimes the hardest thing and the right thing are the same. 

One of the most helpful and inspirational pieces of writing on how to stay focused and using our time wisely that I have read to date comes from author Ann Voskamp.  She retells a conversation she had with her children about being disciplined, staying focused, and "staying in the pool."  This piece of writing has changed my work ethic and discipline forever.  I will never look at checking e-mail the same again!

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One thing today:  Take some time to make a list of every thought and task you have in your head.  Put it on paper!  Make a crazy long list and help clean off your mental plate.  Then, take some time to think about how you spend your day.  What things can you do that will help push you closer to your goals?  What things can you reduce or eliminate that aren't productive or that will keep you from reaching your goals?

Inspirational +Helpful Resources:
Ann Voskamp::A Holy Experience - How to Focus in an Age of Distraction
Tomato Timer
Simplicity Series by Emily Ley
Say Goodbye to Survival Mode by Crystal Paine

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