chocolate + paper + scissors


Question of the day:

How, in our media-driven, fully-communicado lives, can we be successful multi-tasking individuals, while also being good active listeners, present and mindful with our loved ones?

Food for thought.

Where's my chocolate?


Slimming down for summer

Dear Hottest Season in Texas,

It's so great to have you around - there is nothing like you. Your heat can be unbearable - but summer is a magical season. This week, you were a little lighter than usual. Thank you for the cool breezes you brought our way this week - they made for some delicious stay-outside-all-day days and some dreamy nights! I can't believe you're already here.

Vivid memories of last year with you: Hot days at the pool with our blonde fish. Being very pregnant and stretching a beautiful green maternity suit until it would stretch no more. Our first trip to the emergency room with our girl after her collision with the corner of our cedar chest at 2 a.m.. Our girl's 3rd birthday party, celebrated in pink and purple. Bracing for Ike - and being grateful for having survived it. Spending two weeks with no power. Learning what we really need to be happy is each other. And, preparing for the addition of one more to "each other" - awaiting our new baby brother.

And so, it has been an amazing year! Today, we took baby brother swimming for the first time, and the water was much colder than I expected. His reaction: tears! I was so caught up in watching our little chunk in nothing but a swim diaper, held by Daddy, that I forgot to take a picture. But I'll always have the picture in my mind of those few minutes - and then it was time to get out and dry off! Big sister had such a great time with the floaty she was using - but she was cold, too!

But in moving forward with the rest of the season, I confess that my goal is to slim down on what I call over-connectedness. With the online world, e-mail, cell phones, Facebook, blog-following, my time quickly leaves me, and I'm left feeling like I do after reading "junk food" magazines. There's a beautiful life to be lived, - just as little children live in the moment. I'm hoping to have more of that this season, and less technology.

And more ice cream!