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Creativity + Exercise

I was reminded yesterday while I was on a run that creativity and exercise go hand-in-hand.  We can't really talk about creativity without mentioning exercise.  Exercise has a profound effect on one's creativity.

I am an early-morning exerciser.  It's how I start my days:  my energy is highest in the morning, so it's a time when my body can have fun, while my mind rests a bit.  Cross-training, running, and even walking - whatever it may be that gets the blood flowing through our bodies and to our brains - provides a natural means of 'lifting the mental fog."  Exercise brings new life through our bodies and minds.  And it helps me greatly reduce my amount of mental clutter - the type of clutter that keeps me from thinking clearly and creatively!

A friend asked me the other day if I was training for anything.   No, I said.  But actually, I'm training for a vibrant life, and to put my best creative foot forward.

We have been given these glorious bodies that were made to move so that we can fully experience life.  Our bodies, as well as our minds,  are our blessings to appreciate and nurture.  I feel like the only way I can put my best foot forward creatively is to take good care of what I’ve been given by eating well, exercising and resting (which is tough sometimes).  Trying to maintain some type of balance allows me to be healthier for myself and my family.  And it opens my channels of creativity to hear what God has intended. 
Regular exercise also helps us sleep better, which results in more rested minds.  And more rested minds = more clarity, more productivity, and sometimes, less emotional upheaval (and as a mama who wrestles with her emotions, I am very grateful for this!).

I like to think of exercising as the equivalent of cutting off the stems of flowers before we put them into a vase of water.  Exercise allows us to remove our “stale” stems and allows us to soak in the water:  to fully take in what God wants for us for the day and to bring His desires into reality.

One thing today:  Pick a time when you can begin some form exercise if you don't already.  Walking is a great option...a 30-minute walk will make you feel amazing!  Start out gradually - then build your way up.  See if you feel better and have more clarity.  Some days I wear headphones.  Some days I don't. Listening to podcasts is really enjoyable.  But, sometimes I just need really fun music to allow my body and mind to have some fun!  See what works best for you. And don't forget to drink more water!

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