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Chocolate for your ears

I mentioned in my last post that I'm in love with podcasts. I'm also in love with my trusty little iPod Shuffle. And my iPod Shuffle is in love with podcasts, too.

It all works together quite nicely.

In case you haven't ever listened to a podcast, it's like a pre-recorded radio show. I listen to podcasts whenever I can (usually when I'm alone, since some people may find my walking around with headphones in their presence a little rude.) While I make my cup of morning tea, doing laundry, de-cluttering the house, running, driving on long distances (and, yes, sometimes I listen to them even on short distances when I'm with my children, when I need a teeny a break for myself), I listen to lovely people wax lyrical about all kinds of topics.

Not only have I learned of so many valuable resources, I've also found some friends I would have never met in the physical realm. Podcasters share their knowledge, their lives, their passions...and all the things that make them tick.

iTunes has a ton of podcasts - on virtually any topic, available at no charge (!).

Some of the voices that inspire me regularly are:

Cooking with the Moms

Grammar Girl (and, see USA Today's article about how GG "rules online"!)
Manic Mommies
Mojo Mom
Organization Station @ Home
Vicki and Jen: What Really Matters
Words to Mouth

I want to give all of the lovely podcasters total mad props for bringing me out of my world a bit. Thanks to all the amazing and talented individuals who take the time to plan and record a show weekly! I'm a better woman, a better mother, a better cook, and a better writer because of you.

So, take a trip to iTunes and see what you can find. You don't need an iPod - you can listen to any podcast on your computer. And if you find one you like, be sure to leave a review on iTunes. I know the podcasters would appreciate your words.

Happy listening!

P.S. - A word about my last post: I didn't mean to offend any of you with lovely, brand new, highly functional cell phones. Truthfully, I may be there with a new phone soon enough. I guess I'm learning that I'm not always good at adapting to change. I hope you'll love me for who I am.

P.S.S. - Apple did not have any role in this post. I'm not getting paid by them. But I wish I was.