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Out of your comfort zone

This weekend, I hope you take some time to pursue something that's new and different.  Stepping outside of our comfort zone is something (obviously) uncomfortable.  But, it stretches us and grows us.

It's a good mantra to repeat:  stretch and grow, stretch and grow.

Sweet Boy received a football game for his birthday this week called "Football Guys."  It's a great toy that allows you to teach a child about the game of football, the strategies, plays, positions.  I helped him set everything up and found that although I know very little about football, I was going to try my hardest to read the directions and act like I knew what I was doing.

I'm really not a football fan (unless Friday Night Lights is involved), but Sweet Boy is really into it these days, since Daddy loves it.  Daddy was in the next room listening to me explain the game and editing certain things I said.

I'm pretty sure this was my husband's comic relief for the week.

(Although he would never tell me.  Bless him.)

I stepped out of my comfort zone as a mama to teach my boy about something I've never really been interested in - and it felt good.  I even learned a little about the game.  Ha!

Get out there and play!

And stretch and grow.

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