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On order and passion, part 1.

This morning, I sat down to write about the importance of order and beauty when it comes to taking a step closer to living a more passionate, creative life.

But, I just couldn't write about this when I was literally hiding from all of the chaos that was our house this morning on the other side of our office walls.  Last week was one of those weeks where routine was turned upside down.  Although Sweet Boy was at home sick, I still loved having him home.  We rested, played, and I was lazy with the dishes.  The weekend came, and we played with Sweet Girl.  We made Halloween decorations.  We hung out in our yard.  We went for walks.  (Our dishwasher stopped working on Saturday.)  Sunday night, we had a cozy night watching a sweet Halloween show:  Curious George!  Then, this morning when I woke up, I felt like everything was out of order.  It was like I had blinders on last night.  Ugh.

How did our morning go?  I'll spare you the details.  But after the bus picked up our children, I wanted to cry.  I used to be a very focused, organized person.  But getting everyone ready and out the door for school seems so challenging some days.  Many days.

My point is that order = harmony.  When our home gets out of order, our children are never really unhappy (though my husband and I get extremely irritable)...we all just keep moving forward.  But - when things are put back in place and floors are cleared and vacuumed and beds are made, there is a beautiful calm that exists, followed by an amazing energy. Our children are definitely more productive and happier when our home is in order.

I cleaned all day.  I went from room to room, purging, sorting, laundering, making beds, washing dishes, putting away toys.  And things.  (And wanting to throw the things out the door!)  All of the chaos, anxiety and frustration I was feeling this morning had melted away.  And although I didn't get much sleep last night, I could think more clearly than I've been able to in the last week.  It was lovely.

And when our children came home from school, they came home to peace and harmony again.  And that's all I needed as a mama today.

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