chocolate + paper + scissors


Happy Birth-day

Today is a most lovely, perfect spring day in Houston...the kind you want to bottle up and savor every day: clear blue skies, warm, dry weather with a nice cool breeze. It also happens to be my birthday.

Every spring, I feel the power of rebirth in the air - so I love that my birthday comes during this season. I believe one's birthday is like a personal "new year" celebration - we get to begin another year and celebrate our wonderful, precious lives.

I've been in a nurturing, nesting kind of mood, and the best way I know how to nest is to bake for our family. So, I'm so excited that my birthday gift from my family is the King Arthur's Baking Companion. I've had my eye on this cookbook for years, and when I finally found it at our local library, I fell in love!

I'd like to make a toast: to birthdays, new beginnings and amazing new recipes!



Always Easter

I hope all of you had a glorious and memorable Easter.

Here are some words of wisdom you may enjoy!

Always Easter
By Grace V. Watkins
From Ideals Easter

You say it happened long ago
And in a far-off land
Where men and women spoke a tongue
I would not understand,
That centuries have come and gone
Since that triumphant day,
And that the garden where He walked
Is half a world away.

He walks in every garden, friend;
And every rock-sealed tomb
Opens ‘neath His shining hand
As springtime flowers bloom.
For every dawn is Easter dawn;
On every sunrise hill
The earthbound glimpse eternity
And meet the Master still.