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Work.Life: Blending home + work

This week, as I juggle the usual to-do, I'm adding some freelance deadlines and slowly getting the house back in order (as we're at the tail-end of our remodel) to the mix. Hence, I have a sweet and short post for you.

My March issue of Real Simple called to me from my passenger seat the other day (yes, it often rides shotgun with me so I can sneak some reading in at red stoplights...) and said, "Pick me up and read this article about secrets of a jugglng mom of three: 10 Secrets of One Unflappable Working Mother. You'll be glad you did."

Two other points:

1. All moms are working moms, and...

2. Thanks, Real Simple, for always sharing real stories about real people...and for always keepin' it real.

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  1. First of all, have we ever discussed the fact that I am OBSESSED with Cadbury Mini-eggs?? I have been searching the city and can't find them ANYwhere right now. In other words, your new header is making me drool!

    Am also loving the very sweet platter that you've placed them on. (-:

    AND did you know that the RS editor in chief has a new book coming out? It's called "Just Let Me Lie Down." I will try to get you a copy once we have access to them...