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In honor of an Irish angel

Today is St. Patrick's Day. But there's someone else on my mind tonight - a very special soul - who has forever changed life for many of us. His name is Willis Daniel.

You see, Willis Daniel was born on the third of January of this year, with beautiful eyes, ten perfect fingers and ten tiny toes. He spent five weeks with his family, a mother and father and big sister so grateful to know him, see him, hold him, and love him. And on the sixth of February, Willis left this world and became an angel. In his very short life on earth, he showed many people how to be strong - and touched all those he met.

Willis is the son of a special friend of mine, a friend who embodies true strength and grace. Today, in honor of Willis and her Irish heritage, Willis's mother put together a lovely feast for the families staying in the Ronald McDonald House wing of Texas Children's Hospital. She, along with several friends, spent the day cooking a beautiful, soothing meal for families in need of some comfort during such an uncertain time.

In saying thank you to the Ronald McDonald House, her actions said to all those around her: give of yourself, think lovingly of others - and make the lives of those around you a little more beautiful. Especially those in need.

Willis's legacy lives on - and was shining brightly tonight, even brighter than the pink, purple, green and blue halls of Texas Children's Hospital.

So, little Willis, we love you. And, in my book, this day will forever be dedicated to you, sweet one.

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