chocolate + paper + scissors


What's in a Name? Paper.

Last week, I shared my passion for chocolate.

This week, I’d like to celebrate paper!

Let us not forget about our dear friend, paper. She is the reason we know our history. She provides us with a classic way to communicate. She allows us to express our innermost thoughts and sentiments to those we love. And, we can not only brainstorm new ideas on her – but we can make beautiful creations with her!

I have loved paper since I was old enough to pick up a crayon and scribble. Once I learned to read and write, and I could do so independently and joyfully, the written word became my passion – whether through reading or writing – and has been for the last 30 years. If writing was where I began to get to know my soul, paper became a best friend who helped me get there.

I have an organic list of all things I love about paper, which I’ll be sharing with you over time. Today, however (in the interest of time), I’ll start with just 10 thoughts from my wee years:

1. Treasuring any notepads stashed in my granny’s desk or my mom’s purse + red, navy blue and green Bic marker-like pens

2. Getting very excited about new notebooks – the smaller, the better (Mead’s Steno Notebook pads were the best) and pens – to stash in my tiny purses!

3. Locating stationery at any store, hotel, restaurant, school

4. Discovering beautiful cloth-covered blank books in fourth grade, which I took everywhere!

5. Writing creative stories whenever I could, mostly at home or in the car with my family

6. Always having a left hand covered in erasable ink when writing on notebook paper

7. Starting my first scrapbook in first grade (before scrapbooking was popular)

8. Using paper to write notes to friends, doodle, fold origami – sometimes all at the same time (and getting caught passing a note in third grade)

9. Writing fictional college newspapers (ads and all!) when I was in sixth grade.

10. Always knowing I had a private, quiet place to be, regardless of where I was, as long as I had my journal.

As digital as our culture is now, paper is still present and strong – and I believe it will be for quite some time.

Paper once inspired me - and still inspires me daily.

How has paper inspired you in your past?


  1. There is nothing at all like a clean crisp white sheet of paper. Blank. Ready for anything.


  2. Absolutely, Amanda - you said it! So inspirational - and children sense it, too. This must be why my little ones love my notepads and journals...! It's fun to leave crayons and a stack of blank paper in a room - see what happens!