chocolate + paper + scissors


What's in a Name? Chocolate.

A more accurate title for today's post might be, "Why my blog is named Chocolate, Paper & Scissors" or "Chocolate, Paper & Scissors: What of it?"

I had an epiphany the other day that I should explain the name of my blog in more detail since I feel like it could have multiple interpretations.

In short, chocolate, paper and scissors are three of my very favorite things. In a literal sense, they are tools I use each day to create. In a symbolic sense, they represent three inspirational areas of my life - areas that sometimes overlap. I enjoy looking at life with both literal and symbolic glasses: things are more interesting this way.

Today, I'll begin with the first area: chocolate.

In random order, chocolate...

1. Is one of my favorite foods. It makes me happy!
2. Represents the creative side of my life...the expressive and the lovely.
3. Makes me think of cooking, which has become a necessary art (isn't that redundant?) in my life.
4. Symbolizes good health/balance. Eat a little bit each day!
5. Reminds me of special times with girlfriends.
6. Is something I like to enjoy during my alone time.
7. Represents the relaxing, the leisurely.
8. Often satisfies cravings.
9. Means savoring the delicious.
10. Symbolizes the whimsical, special and celebratory part of life.

I cook with chocolate for my family. I eat chocolate while I'm cooking for my family! It inspires me to take chances and be more creative. The color of chocolate warms me. Eating chocolate makes me feel cozy.

What foods inspire you?


  1. First of all, ANY food that you've ever made that I've tasted inspires me. (-:

    Others include my mom's red velvet cake, my grannie's scrambled eggs, my great-grandmother's coconut cake, my other great-grandmother's chicken and dumplings...the list goes on. I guess it's really anything made with love!

    Oh, and also: wine.

  2. You're so sweet, AF! What a completely amazing list of foods...I'm wishing I was with you and all the ladies in your family right now! With a glass of wine. :) There is definitely a lot of love with southern food...