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The Royal Laundry

One of those things that doesn't go away, laundry has been on my mind this week. So, I thought it appropriate to bring up an old post on laundry and the peace it can bring us. I figure I can either dread laundry every week or come to terms with this recurring part of life.

I'm trying not to fall behind like I did a couple of weeks ago, which led to doing massive amounts last week. But - one of my favorite things about doing loads of laundry is that I get to have quiet, put-order-back-in-our-family's-world time while doing so. While my little ones are sleeping, I fold their tiny shorts and colorful leggings while catching up on my favorite recorded television shows. (I usually do this when my husband is busy so I'm not leaving him out of the picture!)

Last week, I recorded and watched virtually every biography I could find on the Royal Wedding.

And, last week, despite a busy schedule for our family, I accidentally became obsessed with the Royal Wedding. But - I got a heck of a lot of laundry done while learning about Catherine Middleton's high school. And the potential designers for her dress. And how her parents run their own business. And how Kate and Will lived together before getting married.

My favorite part about watching the actual wedding was my children's commentating on the event, with comments such as:

"Mommy, she is looking at me. She is looking at me!! Me!!" (my daughter) and "Mommy, that pincess es boot-i-ful!" (my son).

We ran the highlights for Daddy on Saturday. And on Sunday, I had to finish watching a documentary on the Biography channel, "Will and Kate: A Love Story."

As I told my husband, "I have questions - and these shows give me the answers I need. Now I have closure." Now I can close this fun, beautiful chapter and move on. (And for this, I'm sure my husband is a tiny bit relieved.)

So, a lovely congratulations to the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

(And congratulations to me for coming close to finishing our laundry.)

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  1. My laundry is NEVER done. I pretty much always have a pile of it that has been sitting there for quite a while because other laundry (like Andy's work clothes) is more important. I don't know which is worse, laundry or dishes, neither ever goes away!