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Simple + healthy breakfast ideas

One of my favorite things about the morning is that it brings us a fresh, new beginning, nutritionally. If we don’t feel we put enough good things in our body today, we can always begin again tomorrow. And that starts with breakfast.

I am a breakfast nut! I’m pretty thoughtful about the nutrition balance I create for my family. Since I am in charge of our meals each day, my goal is for each of us to have a balance of grain + protein + fruit + dairy at breakfast.

A girlfriend of mine asked me last week what I feed our little ones for breakfast, which reminded me that I need a go-to list to choose from so I don't have to reinvent the wheel each week.

Here are some simple things that work for our family, including my (sometimes particularly choosy yet precious-with-sleepy-morning-eyed) babies, 5 and 2.

Smoothie – blueberries/yogurt (our daughter called it "yogie" as a toddler, so it stuck!), juice, flax (this recipe is a favorite - simple and delicious.)

Biscuits or English muffin +turkey or veggie sausage sandwich, fruit (berries are quick and easy) + milk

Fruity yogie + toast

Toast/butter/jelly + turkey bacon/turkey sausage/egg

Granola bars + yogie + fruit

Instant oatmeal (I add flaxseed, wheat germ, milk and applesauce – no one knows this.)

Turkey bacon cooked in the microwave

Edamame (shelled/salted)

Frozen soy breakfast patties – Morningstar Farms

Pancakes/waffles (Sometimes I'll make a large batch on the weekend). My new favorite pancake is the Banana Brownie Waffle batter from the Meal Makeover Moms. Indulgent and healthy!

Muffins, fruit + milk

Whole-grain cinnamon bread with cream cheese + fruit

Frozen waffles + berries + milk

Egg/cheese/salsa breakfast tacos

Breakfast casserole (made on a weekend)

Quick scrambled eggs in a coffee mug in the microwave: my new favorite thing for quick weekday eggs! (I often use these to make fast breakfast tacos.)

1. Grease a large coffee mug (I use canola oil).

2. In a small bowl, scramble 2-3 eggs, a splash of milk, a big pinch of cheese.

3. Place into the mug and heat on high for 2-3 minutes (try one minute per egg).

4. Enjoy!

Sweet bread baked during the weekend or Monday: zucchini bread, gingerbread, pumpkin bread or banana bread.

Mmm...makes me wish it was breakfast again! I suppose it will be here soon enough.

What are your favorites easy breakfast staples?

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