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Taking care (vs. taking care of business)

Last Friday afternoon, while reading our daughter The Tale of Peter Rabbit, I fell asleep. In broad daylight, on our bench in our backyard, I completely nodded off.

I was awakened by a soft “Mommy,” which then graduated to “Mommy!! Wake up!”

In a sleepy haze, all I could think was, if only I could take a short nap...I just need 10 minutes.

And, to my surprise, our intuitive and compassionate little girl said, “Mommy, you lay down. I’ll be right back.” And before I knew it, I was being taken care of – something that hasn’t happened in a very long time. She knew exactly what I needed. I was deeply touched – almost to tears. I will never forget her gesture of making the coziest of beds for me on our bench – complete with a cushion for my ankles that hung over the armrest of the bench.

Through the lovely spring weather, the multiple hats I wear on a daily basis all came falling down. Mothering, cooking, cleaning, volunteering, freelancing, holiday preparing: my battery is (still) very near empty. I’m trying my best to recharge myself, but it hasn't happened yet. This week, very minor tasks have seemed like major projects, which means I’m ordering myself to bed extra early until I feel better again. I'm not under the weather (for which I'm so thankful), but I feel that as women, extending ourselves too much for too long is almost as damaging as getting sick. Recovery (good ol' "R and R" - rest and relaxation, as my mom calls it), therefore, is still necessary.

In case this post finds you in the same state, don’t forget to take care of yourself: get good sleep, good nutrition, a small bit of exercise, and do something for yourself this week, like giving yourself some sacred space. And, if a task comes your way that you don’t feel you can handle, just say no. When you say no to others, you say yes to your family - and yes to yourself.

…And if a special someone demands that you be taken care of, accept it and enjoy!


  1. Thanks for sharing such a sweet peek into your wonderful world. It is amazing how kids always seem to know what you need, when you need it most. Take care and give those two little blessings a big hug for me! - C

  2. Many hugs right back at all the L's, especially the littlest. XOXO

  3. This is the sweetest thing I have EVER seen any little one do...Court! Makes me fall in love with her even more...

  4. They say that children who nurture like this do so because they have been so well nurtured. You must be such a good Mommy to get such good care.

  5. Hi Meredith - thank you for your kind words. I hadn't thought of it this way; thanks for opening my eyes!