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Beta-carotene + The Beatles = Brightened Winter Day

It’s a cold, rainy 51-degree day today: typical Texas February weather. Little Man and I were dressed and ready to walk out the door at 10:30 this morning to run some errands – and then I reconsidered and opted to stay in and play (and, re-organize some toys = fun mess for toddlers!). I kicked off my black and white floral rain boots, and we both got cozy in our warm, toy-filled den.

Lunch hunger came a knockin’ at our usual 11:30, and I was craving an amazingly yummy and simple-to-make pumpkin soup from Janice and Liz over at Meal Makeover Moms. Since I’m a pumpkin freak, I’ve made this soup half a dozen times since the fall – I love it that much!

I like to garnish mine with a dollop of sour cream and some cinnamon...

So, while Little Man ate his veggies, I made the soup while jamming to the Beatles. (Confession: I danced so much, in fact, that I almost forgot to add the cinnamon. Added it just in time!) I should tell you that Little Man dances, too, in his high chair: he shakes his right shoulder - ever so gracefully – and sometimes kicks off a shoe. I know he means business when he does the shoulder shake – he was feeling “Can’t Buy Me Love,” too! The boy’s got some soul.

Hope you enjoy this simple, delish and very comforting sweet-savory soup!

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  1. I just love the image of you guys dancing in the kitchen! And these photos are great--I especially love the sweet little dancin' foot...