chocolate + paper + scissors


Welcomed home.

This past weekend, my husband and I took a trip to the Texas Hill Country in honor of our tenth wedding anniversary. Did I mention this getaway was our first experience being away from our children overnight - ever?

The entire weekend was beautiful and perfect!

One of my favorite parts of our day on Sunday? Coming home to this sign, made by our daughter:

I was told by the artist that the letters in addition to "I love you" spell out "We're having a party inside for you." Hanging on the wall adjacent to our front door, our welcome sign reminded me how much inspiration and joy these tiny little people bring me every day.

I am so thankful for tiny little hands, chunky bare feet, new sentences, practiced letters and coming home to parties thrown in Mommy and Daddy's honor!


  1. That is so special!!!!
    Happy 10th Anniversary to you and Dave - glad you had a good time on your getaway. It is super hard to leave our babies...I cried (big alligator tears) when we left for DisneyWorld (leaving Kyle behind was the hardest thing ever).

  2. Thanks very much, Michelle! Hope you guys get to have a getaway sometime soon. Hope your sweet babies are doing well today.