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Happy National Pie Day!

After reading my January issue of Real Simple, I learned that January 23 is National Pie Day. (Thank you for the information, RS!) A day that celebrates such a classic culinary tradition that represents all-encompassing love and comfort is something nice on which to focus right now.

On with the pie! I don't make pies often - usually only during the holidays. This Caramel Crunch Apple Pie is my favorite apple pie, which I made for Thanksgiving in 2001. While we were all in a fog in the fall of 2001, the lovely Good Morning America began a hunt for "America's Best Apple Pie." I was so stoked about this contest, since it was something whimsical and fun - yet something that represented part of the comfort of our country's culture - to look to during such an uncertain time.

Thank you, Marsha Brooks, for sharing your treasured recipe with our country. And thank you, GMA, for bringing sunshine to our mornings! This is a special recipe for many reasons, and now, for one more: my daughter's sweet hands helped make this pie this year.

May today be a day of comfort for you in the midst of a crazy world. Make a pie and eat it tonight!

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  1. Gorgeously mouthwatering, my friend. Hope it was delish!