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Mandatory reading that's hard to swallow.

After listening to the most recent episode of my favorite weekly podcast, Manic Mommies, I feel I have to share a book that was reviewed this week: Poisoned Profits: the Toxic Assault on Our Children. I encourage each of you to have a listen to the interview with co-author journalist Alice Shabecoff - it's informative and fascinating - but frightening, and yet - motivating.

Below is the post I made in the Big Tent Manic Mommies community. Although I promised myself I would try to refrain from purchasing any books this year...I'll have to break down and make an exception.

Subject: Ridding the ol' plastics per this week's podcast

First of all, I want to say that this week's podcast, although horrendously frightening, was eye-opening and educational, and did make me move to clean out some probably not-so-healthy items in the house.

Let me just get this off my chest (let's pretend this is a aloud for all to hear): "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

I have to say that the preview of this book, as Erin so eloquently put it, "scared the bejesus out of me." I was listening to the podcast as I was nursing my sweet little 5 month-old boy this morning...and I wanted to clutch him and my daughter so close to me - so close that I permanently protect them from every bit of potential toxic harm. I know...not quite so possible. But we can try.

So, that said, I just cleaned out our eek-y plastics drawer and am ridding our home of all old sippy cups, bowls, plates...all things plastic.

And, although I was once an organic fanatic when my daughter was starting solids, I'll admit that I've slowly sunken back into the realm of conventional foods to help ease the pocketbook: non-organic milk, regular eggs, meat, etc. Times are very lean in our home, as my husband is a financial planner (not a fun job to have right now whatsoever) and I am a freelance writer (inconsistent business), so I've been thinking that it's okay to buy conventional foods to save extra money, but I'm disappointed that it's not. Where is the happy medium?

I found it interesting that the author mentioned the cost if we didn't choose organic. That was a bit of a jolt.

And, what the heck - about the dirty dozen?! I hadn't heard of this handy list. Thanks, ladies, for the tip. Here's an article on necessary organic foods from MSNBC, in case anyone missed it:

So, Erin and Kristin, although this week's podcast was heavy - it is greatly appreciated - and we all have a responsibility to pass it on to others.

Off to dump the plastics in the recycling bin. Lots more work to do.


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